Classes, Lessons, Team and Open Fencing

Level 1

Level 1 classes introduce students to the basic skills of fencing. New students should start in Level 1 and work their way up. Coaches encourage students to learn foil first, since this is the foundation weapon, and add other weapons later if they wish.

Upon demonstration of mastery of Level 1 skills, students may receive approval to advance to Level 2.

Required Skills to advance to Level 2:

En Garde, Advance, Retreat, Lunge
Parry Riposte
How to fence a bout

Level 2

Level 2 classes are for intermediate-level fencers who have demonstrated mastery of Level 1 skills and are advancing toward team member status. Completion of Level 1 class and/or coach approval is required for these classes.

Level 2 Skills are required in order to be considered for Team.


Team is the most exciting level to fence at: lots of fun and friendship as we sharpen our fencing skills together and cheer each other on in competition.

Basic Team membership includes unlimited class attendance.

Comprehensive Team membership includes unlimited class attendance plus a 40-minute lesson each week and local strip coaching fees and basic armoring services.

Adult Classes

It's never too late to start the greatest sport. We offer adult classes to members age 26 and up!

Private Lessons

Private lessons are appropriate for everyone: beginners hoping to accelerate their progress, Level 2 students working to qualify for Team status, competitive fencers wnting to sharpen their edge, anyone who just wants to be even better than they are.


To schedule, talk to Coach Meehan or Coach Piispanen.

Intro Classes

Introduction to Fencing includes instruction in all three weapons. No equipment purchase is necessary. All ages!

Homeschool Classes

Our homeschool classes offer students the opportunity to get their required PE time while having fun and learning a sport that will teach them fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and logic and problem-solving skills. Age groups are flexible.

For pricing, see this page:

Open Fencing

Open fencing is a great time to fence for fun against a wide range of opponents.

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00