Fencing is an extremely safe sport, contrary to appearances. We use special safety equipment and teach our students safe behavior when fencing. Also known as physical chess, fencing is exciting, challenging, rewarding, and surprisingly accessible. It is a sport that people of almost every age and ability can participate in and excel at.

Come try a free class and take that first step toward a lifetime of fun, fitness, friends, and fulfillment! Call (360)254-5999 or email info@orionfencing.org if you have questions.

What should I wear for class?
Clothes that are easy to move in
Preferably long pants or socks that go over the knee
Athletic Shoes

What is a good age to start?
From youth to adult. It's never too late to begin. We generally start fencers as young as 5, but we are happy to meet with and evaluate anyone who is interested.

Will fencing help my child get into college?
Potentially. There are college scholarships for fencing. Our Director of Fencing, Coach Meehan got his college degree with a full scholarship.

Can parents watch?
Yes!! We encourage parents to watch and/or engage with the fencing community if they want.

Do I need to purchase equipment right away?
No. We encourage all students to get their own equipent eventually. We have equipment for those who don't. When you are ready to buy equipment, you can order through Coach Meehan. Feel free to shop around if you like, but please consult with Coach Meehan or Coach Piispanen before making a purchase, as they have knowledge about apporopriate brands, styles, and sizes.

What is Foil?
FOIL is considered the foundation weapon of fencing. Most coaches encourage new students to start with this weapon to learn the basics of fencing. The foil is the lightest weapon. The target area is the torso, and touches are scored with the point of the weapon. Referees apply rules of right-of-way to determine which fencer scores.

What is Epee?
EPEE is the heaviest weapon. The entire body is the target area, and touches are also scored with the tip in epee.

What is Sabre?
SABRE is the fastest-paced weapon. Target area is from the hips up, and touches can be scored by slashing or stabbing. This is also a right-of-way weapon.

Is fencing safe?
YES, with proper equipment, supervision, and instruction.