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2018 Orion Fall RYC preliminary seeding and live results:


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2018 Orion Fall RYC (Y10, Y12, Y14)
Signup ASAP to participate in our RYC! You must do this via USA Fencing:
Saturday, October 20
 10:00am Youth 12 Men’s Foil (Y12MF)
             10:00am Youth 12 Women’s Foil (Y12WF)
             10:00am Youth 10 Men’s Saber (Y10MS)
             10:00am Youth 10 Women’s Saber (Y10WS)
             1:00pm Youth 14 Men’s Saber (Y14MS)
             1:00pm Youth 14 Women’s Saber (Y14WS)
             2:00pm Youth 12 Men’s Epee (Y12ME)
             2:00pm Youth 12 Women’s Epee (Y12WE)
Sunday, October 21
 9:00am Youth 14 Men’s Foil (Y14MF)
             10:00am Youth 14 Women’s Foil (Y14WF)
             10:00am Youth 10 Men’s Epee (Y10ME)
             10:00am Youth 10 Women’s Epee (Y10WE)
             12:00pm Youth 12 Men’s Saber (Y12MS)
             12:00pm Youth 12 Women’s Saber (Y12WS)
             2:00pm Youth 14 Men’s Epee (Y14ME)
             2:00pm Youth 14 Women’s Epee (Y14WE)
             2:00pm Youth 10 Men’s Foil (Y10MF)
             2:00pm Youth 10 Women’s Foil (Y10WF)

Everybody Fence!

The members of our Orion family know how exciting fencing is. It's time to share with everyone you know. If we can add just 40 more fencers, we will be able to reach so many of our goals. If each fencer we currently have brings in a new fencer, we will even surpass this goal. There are so many ways you can help spread the word: wear Orion shirts, invite friends and family to watch you compete, bring them to class to try it out for free, start a fencing club at your school, give someone a gift certificate for a month of classes, have a party at Orion (birthday, family reunion, company activity, bachelor party, end-of-school or back-to-school celebration…), pass out door hangers in your neighborhood, place flyers in libraries and local businesses. The possibilities are endless. And fencing is definitely a sport that subscribes to the adage "the more the merrier."