Strip Coaching

What is strip coaching? It's a service your coach provides at competitions. Your coach attends the tournament, watches you fence, offers you advice and encouragement. While it would be nice if your coach could just attend every tournament you do, there are costs associated with this, not the least of which is the value of his or her time and experience. We have worked hard to determine prices that are reasonable for all parties involved, depending on the distance from home (Vancouver, WA):

For events between Vancouver, WA and Beaverton, OR, strips coaching fees are $30/fencer/day. This helps defray expenses for food, travel, and time.

Expanded Local
For events between Seattle, WA and Salem, OR, strip coaching fees will be $50/fencer/day. The fee goes up to help with lodging and additional fuel expenses.

For tournaments that are farther away but still in our region (i.e. Vancouver, BC & Salt Lake City, UT), the fee will be $100/fencer/day.

National Events
Fees for strip coaching at NAC's, JO's, and Summer Nationals will be determined by number of fencers in attendance, travel expenses incurred by coaches, etc. Contact Coach Fife to work out details.

Armoring Services

Orion Fencing is pleased to offer the benefits of its full armory to the Orion Fencing family. All of the coaching staff is trained in various aspects of armoring, and we also have a couple of national level armorers helping us out. Following is a fee schedule:

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